30/60/90K Factory Service

Our Castrol and ASE-Certified Technicians can perform virtually every service required to maintain your warranty.

Did you know that Castrol Premium Lube Express can perform virtually every service required to properly maintain your vehicle and keep your car's warranty valid? Why leave your vehicle at a repair shop or the dealership for days when we can take care of all your automotive needs and have you back on the road quickly. Think of us as your neighborhood mechanic.

Each vehicle manufacturer recommends having routine maintenance services performed at different mileage intervals, so the best way to know exactly what your car needs is to stop by or call any of our convenient locations for a thorough review with one of our Castrol® or ASE-Certified® technicians. That way you only pay for the services your car requires. If you are a fleet driver, our technicians can ensure that your maintenance is fully covered under your fleet plan - just drop by or give us a call.

Better, faster and easier than the dealership! Here's why:

  • Convenience – We are just around the corner and we perform most services while you wait
  • Pricing – We are very competitive with our pricing, often up to 50% less that the dealer
  • Quality – We match or exceed any dealer maintenance specifications for parts, fluids, and labor
  • Warranty – We stand behind the quality of our parts and workmanship

Any service performed by Castrol Premium Lube Express will keep your factory warranty intact. It’s the law! Would you like more information about warranties and the Magnuson-Moss Act? Click Here

Service Recommendation: See Owner's Manual
Service Takes: Usually every 30/60/90K Miles