Headlights & Light Bulbs

Keeping your vehicle’s head lights, brake lights and turn signals in good working order is a critical safety issue

Headlights, brake lights and other light bulbs should always be checked as part of regular auto service. Sometimes the issue is with the switch or your car may need a lens replacement. Keeping your vehicle’s lights in good working order ensures that you can see clearly in dangerous road conditions, and that other people can see you. Burned out and damaged headlights and break lights are a safety hazard to yourself and your passengers, and to others on the road. If that's not a good enough reason... the law requires that you keep your vehicle lights in good working order.

If you drive a fleet vehicle or you are a fleet owner, consider Castrol Premium Lube Express’s local fleet services or use your national fleet card for headlight replacement service at any location.

Headlight & Brake Light Service:

  • The lens cover is carefully removed (if necessary)
  • The old headlight or bulb is removed and the socket is checked for damage
  • The new headlight or bulb is installed and checked for proper function
  • The lens cover is carefully reinstalled (if necessary)
  • Our replacement headlights and light bulbs meet or exceed all OEM specifications

Service Recommendation: Service as needed
Service Takes: 5 minutes