Brake Inspection & Service

By maintaining regular inspections, you can extend the lifetime of your brakes and ensure that you vehicle is safe for the road.

Many people only have their brakes checked whenever something goes wrong, but regular brake maintenance is the best way to avoid issues down the road and save money! At Castrol Premium Lube Express, our experts offer quick and friendly service at our 10 locations across the Metro Atlanta area. We can perform a full brake inspection, and, if necessary, change your brake fluid. Over time, brake fluid can collect contaminates that could prevent your car from stopping quickly or at all.

Brake Inspection & Service:

  • Brakes, including brake pads and rotors, are inspected for any issues
  • If necessary, brake fluid will be removed and replaced with clean brake fluid
  • If necessary, brake pads can be cleaned or new pads can be installed

How to Know if You Need Brake Service

While we recommend regular inspections to extend the lifetime of your brakes, certain red flags may pop up that should warn you to bring your car in earlier.

  • ABS light in the drive display. The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) helps your car maintain traction if you have to come to a sudden stop or are driving in severe weather conditions.
  • If the brake pedal is slow to respond or is pulsing
  • If your brakes are making grinding or squealing noises

Brake Inspection for Fleet Vehicles

Because fleet vehicles are often heavier and put a greater strain on a vehicle’s brakes, more frequent brake inspection may be recommended. At Castrol Premium Lube Express, we accept all National fleet cards for any maintenance or repairs services. Simply present your fleet card to a technician, and we will call your fleet card provider to ensure that the service is covered. We also offer a customizable program for local fleets in the Atlanta area – learn more!

Service Recommendation: Inspect every 6,000 miles or at tire rotation