Air Conditioner

Periodic testing and maintenance keeps your A/C system cooling, and keeps you comfortable year-around

Over time, all air conditioning systems accumulate moisture and contaminants. Air conditioning systems will also leak small amounts of refrigerant through rubber o-rings that tend to dry out and leak during the winter months when the car’s air conditioner is not in use. Periodic maintenance keeps the air conditioner operating at its peak performance level, and protects against expensive repairs that result from rust and corrosion.

Fleet Vehicle Air Conditioning Service:

As a national and local fleet service provider, we provide air conditioning maintenance through our local fleet program and to all national drivers carrying a fleet card. To learn more about our customizable local fleet program, contact us and a Castrol Premium Lube Express representative will reach out to you about our fleet volume discounts and detailed monthly billing. With any national fleet card, you can receive the same local auto services at any of our Metro Atlanta locations. Just stop in!

Truck & Car Air Conditioning Service:

  • Test system whenever it loses its ability to cool
  • Check system for leaks and ability to hold pressure
  • Recover and recycle old R134a refrigerant from the air conditioning system
  • Recharge air conditioning system with the proper amount of R134a environmentally friendly refrigerant

Service Recommendation: Whenever system loses ability to cool
Service Takes: 15-30 minutes