Power Steering Service

Power steering service removes old fluid and metal debris and protects the entire system from normal wear

Power steering fluid lubricates all of the moving parts in the power steering system. Fresh power steering fluid prevents parts from wearing out by removing metal debris which accumulates in the old fluid. Fresh steering fluid also conditions the O-rings and seals and reduces noise caused by contaminated fluid.

Power Steering Service:

  • 100% of your existing fluid, dirt and contaminants are flushed from your power steering system
  • Power steering system is refilled with a premium fluid that meets or exceeds your manufacturer's specifications
  • Fluid conditioners revitalize all o-rings and seals throughout the system
  • Our replacement power steering fluid meets or exceeds all OEM specifications

Service Recommendation: Every 3 years or 30,000 miles
Service Takes: 15 to 20 minutes