Serpentine Belt

Belts wear out over time and may become brittle and crack; if the belt breaks, your vehicle may not operate

The serpentine belt transfers power from the engine to most of your major engine components: alternator, water pump, power steering pump and air conditioner compressor. Over time, the rubber belt will become brittle and crack. If the belt breaks, you will be left stranded. Replacing the serpentine belt is an important part of regular auto service.

Auto Maintenance for Fleets

From serpentine belts to other maintenance and repair, Castrol Premium Lube Express offers service for fleet vehicles at all 10 of our Metro Atlanta locations. We accept all National fleet cards – no appointment necessary. We also have a customizable local fleet program for small to mid-sized fleets looking for a convenient maintenance provider.

Serpentine Belt Replacement:

  • Recommended based on wear and age, approximately every 5-7 years or every 100,000 miles
  • Old serpentine belt is removed
  • All belt pulleys are checked for wear, damage and alignment
  • New OEM-quality serpentine belt is installed and safety checked
  • Our replacement serpentine belts meet or exceed all OEM specifications

NOTE: A new serpentine belt eliminates possible damage to your engine caused from driving after the belt fails. It also eliminates that annoying chirping sound from a glazed belt. If you serpentine belt fails your engine or certain vehicle components may not operate.

Service Recommendation: Every 5-7 years or every 100,000 miles
Service Takes: 15-30 minutes