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Castrol Premium Lube Express: Alpharetta

Average Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (289 reviews)

Phone: (770) 569-2123

Castrol Premium Lube Express

4435 State Bridge Way
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Phone: (770) 569-2123
Manager: Tyler Scott

Emissions testing - 1996 and Newer

We accept all national fleet cards and are able to provide fleet care services for local and national fleet drivers at all locations.


Monday-Saturday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm to 5:00pm

Communities We Serve:

Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Duluth

What Our Customers Say

Very friendly and quick service. Thank you
Melanie B. | Alpharetta — 11/12/2017
Friendly clean and fast
Teresa M. | Alpharetta — 11/5/2017
One month ago bought synthetic oil that one of your employees sold me on- saying my 2012 F-150 needs full synthetic rather than standard oil due to the turbo units in the engine. I called Ford- and they said semi or full synthetic was OK. Turns out, after the oil change, engine began running rough, seemed like it would stall at constant speed, or after a complete stop. I checked the handbook and is specifically mentions the oil weight of 5-W30. They installed 5W-20 oil. Drove with the wrong oil for 1500 miles. Yesterday- the manager was kind enough to "warranty out" the old oil and replaced with the correct oil weight. So far- have not experienced the rough ride like I did before. I only hope no damage was done to the engine due to high temps in the turbos. Glad he was able to replace the synthetic oil without any fuss. Will continue to use your company- as I do for my other three car in my family.
Richard B. | Alpharetta — 8/31/2017
Thank you!
Sarah P. | Alpharetta — 8/27/2017
Same friendly and efficient service I always get at this facility.
Philip W. | Alpharetta — 8/27/2017
Cost was a bit higher than Hyundai dealer actually, but service was much faster. I appreciate the fast friendly service and very convenient location for me. Thanks!
Ken H. | Alpharetta — 8/20/2017
I regularly get my car serviced here, and the crew is fast, friendly and does the job right. Castrol synthetic isn't the cheapest oil, but then again cheaper isn't necessarily better so I'm good with paying for quality product.
Richard B. | Alpharetta — 7/25/2017
The personnel at this location are fast and friendly. It is perfect to be able to stop by and be out in a very short time.
Maria S. | Alpharetta — 7/13/2017
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