We needed an oil change for a friend who was traveling the next day. When the technicians looked under the hood they found a broken motor mount we knew nothing about. They said they could fix that too. Also, the air filter needed replacing and the price for that was very good. I had an experience with another place that wanted to gouge me for replacing an air filter so I knew this price was very reasonable. The work was done quickly. When we got the car home, we had to check under the hood for something unrelated to the service from Castrol. I noticed the air filter cover was loose and when I looked closer found the air filter was not there. We went back to the location and the guys were very apologetic. I'm sure they were concentrating so much on the motor mount repair they forgot to do the filter. It turned out to be a good thing for me and my friend because on the way back to the shop, the AC blower stopped blowing on 3 of the 4 settings. I asked the technician if he knew anything about that and he explained there was a resistor that had probably gone bad. With his explanation and some help from YouTube, my friend and I were able to correct that problem ourselves in about 20 minutes. Their sharing of information with us saved us probably a hundred dollars. I will use this shop again.
Rusty H. | West Cobb — 6/7/2021